Let me kiss your scars And dance with your fears, Make peace with your melancholy; And caress your tears Let me embrace your wandering soul, your dreamy eyes and tousled hair; Obliterate the wounds of the past And sing to ward away your nightmares. Let me make love to your imperfections, And to every inch... Continue Reading →


For My Hero!

The first time you held me tight, The first time you taught me to fight To not give-up though the odds are against you To be always grateful to all those who guide and support you. The first time you left me in a pool alone To teach me to swim on my own From... Continue Reading →

The Art of living

Screaming...crying..my voice unheard. Shouting...my tears hidden. My story...in my diary...veiled... My pain...my wounds...which would never heal... The monster in my dreams...his face..now clear..He killed my angels....brutally...I see just their broken wings...fallen down...They don't visit me now...They are long gone...He threatens me..He touches me...his nails...leaving a mark Every time...He is Calling me to hell....His horns...ready to kill the sinful..His... Continue Reading →


Every time we talk, I fall for you more. There's music within all of us. I can feel the music within you and you seem to feel the music within me, there's this perfect rhythm to it every time you are with me, the beats match perfectly and they create a symphony, making my soul... Continue Reading →

Taken for Granted.

Storm of thoughts running all over his mind, the feeling of being in a group yet not amongst them, it's hard to define. He  tried to be a part of discussion, no one listened to him. He stayed unheard , his thoughts ,trapped within. They laughed at him when he spoke up in front of... Continue Reading →

The man in my dream…

He smelled of old clothes And wet mud. His rusty hands, With scars of the past, covered with sweat and dust. Drenched in rain, He stood; a bit shivering. His dark brown eyes admiring the beauty of nature And I kept staring at him. He appeared perfect to me, with all his imperfections. Strong with... Continue Reading →


Yesterday night after a lazy day Sitting on my bed I thought to write A beautiful poem to make you feel special But I felt short of words Wondered what should I say. Not that I love you less It's just that I cannot express All what you have done for me The love and... Continue Reading →

I’ll be there for you.

When you are on a downhill And everything's screwed When you want to talk to someone Remember, I'll be there for you. When your body needs rest And you are all pale and blue When you want someone to care Remember, I'll be there for you. When you are angry And there's no one to... Continue Reading →

Selfless Love

Via : Daily Prompt: Passenger "All passengers are requested to kindly proceed to gate no. 5 for boarding" That day, his tears said everything which was kept hidden for years. "If only I had said it earlier she would have stayed with me" ,he thought as she took a step towards her dreams. But somewhere inside... Continue Reading →

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