I keep checking my phone, Waiting for him to message me. Waiting for him to miss me, On my bed I sit alone. His pain makes me cry, His smile makes me happy, That's because we are great friends, maybe. What name you give to this feeling Where you wish to be with him, You... Continue Reading →


Liebster Award

It's been not even ten complete days that I started writing blog when I received this nomination for Liebster Award by http://wp.me/p8GwVz-h7 Thankyou for nominating me, I am really honoured. The rules of this award: 1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award. 2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you. 3.... Continue Reading →


© ilovetobeinvisible I had this friend of mine,  We met often, Played games and ate together, Being with her was fun. I was not allowed to come to her home, Her mom hated me, But nothing stopped us from being together, Not even destiny. As each day went by, Our friendship grew strong,but We were... Continue Reading →

Time Has come…”save her”

​SAVE HER Every time he looked at her, She knew his intentions well, Every time he approached her, She received nothing but pain. He spared not even her kids, Brutally they were killed; She cried tears of blood, Yet, his eyes showed no guilt. Few of his brother's saw the torture, They even tried to... Continue Reading →

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