Giving it a thought…

Eyes: you see what they want you to see. There are thousands of things you don’t see, but they do exist. They even sometimes show you things that don’t exist.

Ears: they make you hear what they want you to hear. Sometimes, you hear voices, and the face behind those voices – nonexistent. 

Heart: Listen to it and you are an emotional fool else you lack emotions. 

Brain:the one who makes use of it is wise, the one who uses it wisely is smart and those who waste their smartness are apparently brainless.Yet, We trust them all. Because we have no other choice.

What is Trust?

Trust: It lies within us. A very powerful weapon which can make or break relations. Its the root cause for thousands of “forever“. Ironically it’s also the root cause for hundreds of “never“.
 Why do you Trust?

You trust someone not because you love them or they love you, you trust because your eyes believe in their every movement, your ears believe every word they say, your heart is ready to encompass every emotion and your brain, prepared for all the consequences and you trust you eyes,ears, brain and your heart. Hurt any one of it and you break the trust. 

You trust your best friend because your eyes have seen the care and honesty, your ears have heard him and his truthfulness your heart was able to connect to his heart and your brain had all those lovely memories you have made. That’s when you actually realize that you have got a friend for life. 

You get the gift of trusting the right person as well as the pain of trusting the wrong one. 

So be careful what to believe of what you have seen, heard or felt. Because, Trust me, it’s not you who decides whom to trust it’s them whom you already trust.πŸ˜‰


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