He was fascinating,

Bubbly and zestful,

Fit as fiddle,

As smart as an owl.

His personality;

Absolutely adorable.

His saphire blue eyes


As if hiding a secret within

Yet as lively as a smiling day.

He was exuberant,

Full of beans.

But the part of him

that was vieled behind the mask,

part which was melancholic,

lost in the world

full of darkness,

forlorn and heartsick.

That part of him

stayed unheard,

visible to none.

His thoughts

Were the prisoners

and his brain; the prison.

Every smile

camouflaged all the pain,

He cried in silence,

his reality stayed hidden

from the world.

No one could sense.

In an attempt

to please the whole world,

he never gave away his own self

The “true him” was never revealed,

A mask showing fake emotions

was all that was left.

Β© ilovetobeinvisible

“We create a mask to meet the masks of others. Then we wonder why we cannot love and why we feel so alone”~Brenda Shoshanna.

Just try opening the doors of your prison once and set free your thoughts trapped inside. Maybe the world isn’t as bad as you think it is. Maybe they would love you more for what you truly are. Maybe you won’t feel the need to put on the mask ever again. There’s always someone in our life who would always listen to you, care for you, love you and accept you the way you are. Try to find that someone.


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  1. When a person is surrounded by people who never care about his feelings…then it becomes vry important for a person to wear this mask…so well writtenπŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. Yeah.. But in this caos there is always someone who would listen to you, care for you and accept you for who you are. You just need to find that someone. This is what I believe. And thankyou so much for sharing your views. That means a lot to me.πŸ˜‡keep visiting.


  2. The poem is superb!
    So well written
    But as a very witty man once quoted .. “man is least himself when he talks in his own person .. give him a mask and he will tell you the truth ” ….. i personally believe masks aren’t as bad as we depict them .. for most i guess they are an alternative .. a choice to escape the reality of who they are .. i bet there is a reason why we never let all the thoughts out of our head .. because maybe they all arent meant to be out there would be mayhem if it happens otherwise … if we all take the personal liberty of BEING OURSELVES ….I wonder what will happen ….think for yourself….and if you dont believe me … well theres nothing i can really do .. πŸ˜‰

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    1. You are absolutely correct. Some opinions, some thoughts, some feelings are best kept to ourself and I believe in this to quiet a certain extent. But some fake emotions, being rude to the one you love(for no reason), hiding your depressions…these are really not necessary. Because such masks are destructive. You are hurting other’s emotions as well as your ownself. As you said, masks aren’t as bad as we depict them…it’s just that the person should be wise enough to decide what to veil and what to show.
      What say…😊


  3. Yes, that’s well said. It is important to express our thoughts, with those who can respond, and also with those who cannot, a dog maybe (?)

    I feel that the concept of ‘the mask’ is highly subjective.
    Allow me to put my case.
    We as a human being, are the only species that can fake their emotions, as you have also mentioned in your poem. But it does gave us advantage over others, dont you think so?Maybe we acquired this trait as we started to live in a society. We started to put questions or we started to set the basis of whats is acceptable and whats not. A guy, if he feels weak, or feels like crying, he has to hold back those emotions. So, there comes ‘the mask’ which makes him acceptable. He has to wear it for acceptance. On the other hand, a boss who is arrogant is wearing a mask which may or may not be beneficial for those who are working under him. So, the mask serves different functions.
    But, isn’t it how the society functions?
    I don’t know whether it is making sense. But, people does wear a mask. Maybe I am wearing one as I am writing this comment, who knows.
    What do you think?

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    1. I agree with you. The “mask” has brought us to where we are. The society seems to have accepted the mask and so have we to a certain extent. Knowing your name doesn’t make me know you and same for you. Still we are here having long discussions on masks. That’s how it functions maybe.

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  4. Beautiful poem. Yes, you were right, we wrote on the similar theme and this is very insightful.

    The mask has become the identity. We need masks for others to see within us, we need them to accept us for they want us to be. Maybe that’s why it is difficult to give away that mask. I wonder what would happen if each one of us reflects the true self!!

    A question for you.

    Do you think that ‘the mask’ is necessary?

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    1. Well it depends on what are you hiding or rather I would say hesitant to show. There are things which cannot be shared with strangers so at that time the mask becomes a necessity.This is one type.

      But your thoughts needs to be expressed, if not to everyone then atleast to someone…that someone might be your mom,dad, friend, cousin or even your pet. It’s always better expressing rather that keeping it with yourself. Now the mode of expressing may vary from person to person. This is other kind of unveiling the mask which I m talking about.

      Few masks dont need to be put on atall. The fake laughs, things you do just to show how cool you are but in reality you hate doing it, behaving the way how others want you to just to get your work done. They are not necessary. You can just be yourself and get your things done.

      I hope this answers your questions. If not feel free to ask more, conversations are the best way to know people.
      And thankyou so much for the feedback.😊

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    2. Yeah…there’s one more type of mask…the intended one..aome cruel guy acts to be a gentleman for a purpose or a boss being intentionally rude in front of his employees just for the businesa to run good…such masks can contribute to progress or ruin someone’s life.

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    1. But I feel you are extremely brave. Your blog is your way of expressing you thoughts. Every post may not reflect the writer’s feelings but everytime when a writer shares his/her writings, he/she reveals a part of him/her which had stayed unheard.
      That’s also one of the message I would like to give through the poem, let your feeling and thoughts out, don’t keep them to yourself waiting for the day they just suck up the life out of you. Set them free and see how relaxed you feel.


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