Yesterday night after a lazy day

Sitting on my bed I thought to write

A beautiful poem to make you feel special

But I felt short of words

Wondered what should I say.

Not that I love you less

It’s just that I cannot express

All what you have done for me

The love and care,totally selfless.

Little you expected

For huge of what you did

Just simple things like listening,

Studying, following the schedule

And not lying anything.

Your endless sacrifices

Which could never be returned

Just ignored at times by us

Yet, you love us like no one on this earth.

I had planned to write something beautiful

But ended with this half-expressed thought

I hope you understand as everytime you do,

Just know that…I love u alot!!!!

© ilovetobeinvisible

I wrote this poem for my parents. It was their 20th Wedding Anniversary today. This poem is just my feelings at that very moment, outburst of thoughts… And when I read this poem in front of my parents, the smile they had on there faces was the best return gift one could ever receive.


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